Hosting GitLab alongside Sentry

I’m thinking of spinning up a server where I would host both GitLab and Sentry together. Ideally I’d keep these separate especially since Sentry is a bit of a resource hog however, to save on server costs I had this idea of putting them on the same server since they both use nginx and Sentry defaults to using port 9000.

Sorry if I’m spewing out nonsense as I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to networking and hosting and general server setups.


Gitlab min requirements are 4cpu and 4gb ram but I prefer 8gb to be honest. Assuming you mean this sentry: Detailed minimum requirements - #7 by Alexander - On-Premise - #sentry

then you are looking at 8gb ram for this too. So your server is going to need 12-16gb ram to run it all on one machine. That is of course before we talk about disk space requirements.

I personally would run it on separate servers.