Pages + CI + "too large archive"


I’m trying to host a static site of around 6 GB on The site limit is said to be 10 GB with artifacts max size of 1 GB. How do I proceed to use the 6 GB? I keep getting the error “too large archive” after I get over 1 GB in the CI/CD, despite segmenting my data in separate commits of 500 MB. It seems it refetch the entire repo for the deploy.
I don’t get how I am supposed to do it.

Thanks for any input.


I’m curious on what you are trying to host in this size, can you share the repository URL? GitLab Pages is meant for website hosting, based on a Git repository in the backend, with smaller sized assets. If you look for large file hosting, I’d recommend looking into services like S3, Google drive or self-managed Nextcloud or other cloud service offerings.


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