How do I make custom labels visible in a GitLab CE group board?

I am running a GitLab CE instance. I have:

  • created a group, with projects in that group
  • defined group-level labels
  • marked a project issue with one of those labels

When I first visited the group board I was presented with the option to use the default labels (“To do” and “Doing”) or define my own. I picked “define my own”. But my existing labels do not appear in the board.

How do I make these custom labels visible in a my group board?


It seems defining your own group labels (“Configurable issue boards”) is not a GitLab CE feature. So you cannot do this.


Tier: Core / Free
Number of Project Issue Boards: 1
Number of Group Issue Boards: 1
Configurable Issue Boards: No
Assignee Lists: No

This option was offered on a EE/CE instane, which seems like a bug