How do you setup your GitLab account when you have multiple identities?

I have a personal email address and a work email address. I have personal projects and work projects.

I could maintain separate accounts. That might keep notifications, auth/security, and projects separated. But, I have to make arbitrary changes to my username (like anthony.mastrean vs. anthony.mastrean-example-inc). That might make things odd when I participate in this forum under “different” identities.

I could try to maintain one GitLab account. But, I’d only be able to login with one email address (would I pick work or personal?). I’d have to choose where to receive notifications. I might not be in compliance with corporate policy if I choose my personal email. I might be locked out if I change jobs and chose my work email.

How do you all setup your accounts? Am I missing something?

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I’d love to hear an answer to this. Ever find one?
I’ve a workflow where I am at different workplaces on different days. I check my other emails at the door and just focus on the work at hand. Having to go to another email account to see notices just doesn’t work in the end.

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I’m interested in this as well.

Yikes. I wasn’t even thinking about the implications for SSH (see also this issue). I’m trying to work on projects in both accounts from the same machine, but I’m not allowed to use the same “identity file”. I’m stuck creating separate identity files (key pairs).

And either telling SSH how to try them in sequence:


IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/%h/id_ed25519
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/%h/%r/id_ed25519

Or telling Git which identity to use.

So, it ends up being very difficult to maintain separate accounts/identities with the features/tools that we have available right now (including the Git command line tooling). If you decide to recombine or whatever, know that your old account is going to be a problem.

See more here:

You might want to keep your old account around and not completely delete it, because it’s unclear if your old contributions will say “<old username>” or “(deleted user)”, which might not be good enough for you.