How to best organize working from two different systems?

Hello world,

how do I best organize myself when I need to use my GitLab repositories on GitLab from 2 different workstations (one desktop at home, one notebook on travelling) but my one single account?
Connect the workstations to my single account with two different SSH keys(“Add new key”)?

So from the account perspective it would be one GitLab account, with two different via SSH keys identified workstations, from the technical perspective two workstations with separate local repos connected to the same remote repo at GitLab, and logically like two different developers who need to pull/push/merge: is that correct??

Thanks for advice

That sounds correct to me,

Use either personal access tokens for http authentication or SSH keys for SSH authentication depending on how you are pulling from Gitlab. Using two different keys, one for each machine, is better than using the same key for both.

Another option if your laptop is a chromebook, the Gitlab built-in IDE is similar to vs code and is a great temporary workstation.