How to assign an issue as a child of another issue

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Problem to solve

I have a relatively simple project (I am up to issue 333) but the some of the issues I have created are subtasks of an overall function.

I tried adding these issues, but I get an error message
#329 cannot be added: is not allowed to add this type of parent and cannot assign a linked work item as a parent”

I tried creating a child issue and it came out as a task. There doesn’t seem to be a way to demote my existing issue to child or task.

Is the only way round this to delete the issue I can’t add and create a child within the issue I want to be a parent.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create issue
  2. Create second issue
  3. Try and add issue 2 as a child of issue 1.


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  • [16.11 EE ] Self-managed