How to change the URL in the links to projects on the gitlab website?

I work with HitLab from Docker. I inherited it. Upon initial setup, one site URL was specified. And it is now shown as a reference to the project.

But the site URL has changed, and the project addresses remain old.

I tried to change this address directly in a working docker-container - in the file “gitlab-http.conf”.

But the “gitlab-ctl reconfigure” command returns everything to its original state.

If, after changing the line “server_name;” in the file “gitlab-http.conf”, giving the command:
# gitlab-ctl restart
, nothing changes either.

How to change this address?

In /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb you have to change the external_url variable.
Also don’t forget gitlab-ctl reconfigure

I have a line of file “/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb” with this parameter commented out.

Yes that‘s the line I ment.

Now it is not used for me, and the system in the docker works without this parameter.

I don‘t really understand you. Is everything working now?

Explain: GitLab is deployed in a docker container. Its external address used to be “”. It worked and continues to work despite the fact that the parameter “external_url” in the file “/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb” is not uncommented. But the site URL has changed, but in the addresses of projects GitLab continues to use the old site URL on which it is deployed.
I found this instruction: But I am afraid to use it, since I do not have experience working with docker. I do not know with what settings the running container was launched and I am afraid to spoil it.

I moved my gitlab ca. two weeks ago. I only had to change the external_url var and nothing else.

Do you know where the configuration/logs/etc. is mounted on your main server?

Yes. I found. I did so:

  1. Stopped the container;
  2. In the file " /srv/gitlab/config/gitlab.rb" uncommented the parameter “external_url” and set there the value I needed;
  3. I started the container again and it worked as it should!
    Thanks for the tip!

No problem. But I also recommend to try some things with docker on a test machine. It is important to know how to use docker when your gitlab is running in it. Also try writing a docker compose file for your gitlab so you don‘t need any long docker run commands.
You need it to update gitlab.