How to create issues in a group

I have set up a board for my group of three repos. Any one issue might involve a main chunk of work in one repo, with smaller updates to the other two.

When I try to add an issue to the board, it just says that I have to choose a project, but I want to add the issue to the group, not a specific project. After all, there is only so much time we can afford to spend faffing around with issue management.

How do I add an issue for a group, or even to add an issue that is not associated with either a group or repo?

In short, you cannot. Issues can only be created in projects, which makes sense because they need to relate to a particular project and problem with that project.

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It makes sense in a purist sort of a way, but when you’re working in a small team on several small projects, it’s a benefit to not have to set up boards and issues for each project.

You can also configure projects to turn off their repository, wiki, snippets, and most of their other features. This is in Settings → General → Visibility, project features, permissions for each project.

Using those settings, you can remove the issues boards from your projects which have repos, and add a new project which only has an issues board and no code, etc., and keep that as the common issues board for your group.

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you can use Epics on the group level to manage tasks in project issues. This allows to have a group view on different projects (think of backend, frontend, docs, etc. as an example). We use that at GitLab to manage GitLab the product, e.g. GitLab Agent for Kubernetes (&3329) · Epics · · GitLab