How to delete another maintainer

A member of our team has left the company and I am unable to delete him from our code base.

I’ve been tasked to do this by management but I am a maintainer too.

How is it possible to delete another maintainer from getting access to code?

Go to Group information → Members on your group page, which should take you to and then click on the Remove member button next to that user.

You may need to do this for your separate projects also, depending on how you manage group / project memberships in your company.

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Hi snim2

Looked at this and there are some members where I can “remove member” but the the actual user I want to remove does not have the “remove member” button option.

Are you looking at your top-level group? Can you remove him from any projects or groups? If not, maybe you need to ask the group owner?

Yeah, I was thinking that but all the dev guys who came before me and who were either Admins of Maintainers, have all left.

Is this GitLab SASS?

Im not sure what you mean “Sass”?

GitLab SASS just means - some people will use their own, on-premises version of GitLab, on their own infrastructure.

You probably mean Saas (an acronym that means “software as a service”) rather than Sass (which seems to be related to either lingerie or style sheets).

Argh! Indeed I do.