How van i delete a user with Maintainer role?

Hi folks,

I’am the owner of a repo and i will delete an user with maintainer role to this repo.
This crook as left the compagny without any warning and still get acces to my repo.

What can i do, i don’t see the admin board to do it…
Any help will be appreciated.


Best way is go to your of course providing your username has admin/superuser privileges, and then next to his username click the cog and block. There is also an option there to delete user. This will then push all his contributions to a ghost user so that they don’t go missing.

If you click the other delete option and contributions, then everything he did will also get deleted. This is not an ideal option, as you might want anything that was done historically in the past.

Thanks for your response @iwalker

but what if i don’t have this information?
What i mean is that i’ve created my account from my github account so i don’t have any username admin or superuser privileges.
I have the owner status to my repo and the other user (the one i want delete) as the maintener status.
So i don’t have acces to an admin dashboard or i don’t know how to find it.
Is that possible that the owner status don’t give you acces to super privileges?

First, you don’t mention if this is your own gitlab server, or are you using

If it is your own server, then someone must have an admin login to it if they created it. Or perhaps someone else other than you in your company manages your gitlab server, so then you would need to contact that admin to disable it.

But I assume it’s more likely that you are using and you are owner of a repo here. So in this instance, no you do not have admin abilities to delete or block his account. In the project though, you do have a delete button next to their username (see attached screenshot). Next to testuser on a test project I created, there is a delete button. You can also change their access from maintainer to reporter which will limit what they can do. As a reporter, they will have minimal access to the project and repositories, you will need to check for both the project/group and also repositories inside the group. You could even set them to guest. Alternatively, click the red bin icon and remove them from the project.

@iwalker Hi, thank you for your answer and sorry for my late reply.

You’re right i’m using and i’m the owner of the repo.

Actually it was the purpose of this post because i don’t see any delete button attached to the profile i want delete…
It is strange, is there any possibility that the maintener user can block this option?
It appears that there is no activity on the repo excepted some private contribution made by this user…
I’m very new to gitlab and still learning how to use it properly so i’m confused and little bit afraid that this guy as some bad intentions.
I looking for some help to make me feel secure about this situation.