How to exit a project

I have a list of old projects which are non-active that I want to exit. After searching online, I know I could do that by clicking “Settings” on the left panel. However, I realized I “Settings” is not available because apparently and only available if am at least a Maintainer but I’m not.

I also know that I could exit a project by exiting a group, but these projects are not part of a group. So, that’s not a solution either.

Any idea how do I remove myself as a member of a project?

Thank you.

You should be able to do it by clicking on the left Project information → Members this will show a list and you will have a red icon next to your name, like my test screenshot below:

Unfortunately, the red icon is only available if the assigned role is Maintainer or Owner. The red icon isn’t available for any other roles.

I just changed myself to developer, and I can still leave the project.

and as a guest user:

so not sure why it doesn’t work for you and yet works for me.

Strange… let me investigate more. If anyone else knows the reason, please let me know.