How to import project from exisitng self-hosted Gitlab instance

Hello Gitlab community,

I am facing the following challenge, and I really appreciate some help.

Currently, I have a GitLab instance the version is Community Edition 8.17.6. I would like to create a new GitLab instance (probably Community Edition 15.0.0) and move all the data from the oldest to the newest instance. In the following cases, I used Community Edition 15.0.0 as docker with image

Firstly regarding the existing projects (Repositories):

  1. I tried to import them using the option Repo by URL but , unfortunately, cannot retrieve the Git repository at this URL

In addition, I would like to import the groups and the users from the oldest version if this is possible.

I really appreciate some help with those issues. Thanks in advance for your time and your collaboration.

Best regards,
Panagiotis Parthenis

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I have the same problem.
I created a new instance of gitlab-ce running with docker and i’m trying to import some projects from an old instance, but with the same result as yours: There is not a valid Git repository at this URL. If your HTTP repository is not publicly accessible, verify your credentials.

Just to add some info: i can git clone the project from the remote host from inside the gitlab docker container.

One solution is to create a empty project in the new gitlab, git clone the desired project from the old instance, change the remote origin to the new host, then push.

Access “Admin → Settings → Network → Outbound requests”
Check “Allow requests to the local network from web hooks and services”

This solved for me.

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Why not upgrading the previous instance to 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x, 14.x and then 15.x and migrate from the old one to a new one to use 15.x? It looks too dangerous to me. Document says similar. Just at your own risk.

Dear @ulisses ,

This solution also works for me too !!!

In addition, for my case, I should set the proxy inside the file gitlab.rd.

I really appreciate your help !!

Best regards,
Panagiotis Parthenis