How to invite a group of users in the best way

At my company we have a Gitlab CE setup, and integrated with our LDAP. That means that all our developers can just log in without any issues. So far so good.

We also collaborate with another company, and I want to set up access so all their developers also automatically get access. They run everything in Google Suite setup. But I am confused about how I correctly setup their access.

If I enable Google OAuth2 OmniAuth ( Wont that make it possible for all google accounts to sign in and setup an account? I would prefer to only whitelist their domain name.

Is that possible with the Gitlab CE version, and if so, how?

Another solution would ofcourse to just invite every single developer, and even though the number of developers is quite small, it would mean a manual task everytime a new developer joins the company. And I hate manual processes :slight_smile: