How to migrate account from free to premium

Hello Team,

How to migrate GitLab accounts from free to premium? If we purchase the premium account so can we add free account users to that account?

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Do you mean you want to upgrade your personal account from Free to Premium? I have missed it for years…

I think within several months it would be upgraded through the development around the following:

Hello @tnir

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I want to upgrade my personal free account from free to Premium.

If I upgrade my account from Free to Premium then can I provide project access to Free account users?

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Well yes but max 5 per namespace. Also free users will only have free features. If you want the free users to have premium features they will need to buy premium also. If you want to add more than 5 users to your namespace then they will need premium accounts also.

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@yogesh.gurjar Just to invite your colleagues, you do not have to purchase any license in either case:

  1. you are using self-managed (not .com so called SaaS).
  2. the number of your colleagues you want to invite to projects under your personal account is 5 or less (*).

I would not purchase a license only for that purpose. A limitation of the maximum number of total users in your personal namespace is still not fixed completely. Invite your team members to your project(s) first, and then stay until the enforcement date (2022-10-19 as of 2022-08-17).