Does the premium license has a minimum of 30 users?

Hi, We are a small company that have 17 members registered to and intend to remove 10 soon. When we try to upgrade the license we see that we need to pay for 30 users. How come?

Is there a minimum barrier?

I believe you have to remove them well in advance. The system then needs to re-calculate to then update and show the correct amount. It won’t do that, whilst you still have the 10 accounts to remove since it will count all the current active users assigned. The process should be something like:

  1. Remove the accounts you no longer want to pay for.
  2. Wait a specific amount of time for the recalculation to happen - could be 1 - 2 days (not sure).
  3. When you then go for renewal, it should show for the amount of users remaining.

Alternatively, open a ticket here relating to billing inquiries: or licensing and renewal problems:

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Thank you very much!
I see the case as solved now :slightly_smiling_face:

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