How to set LICENSE as GPL-v2.0-only/GPL-3.0-only?

Does anyone know how to set the LICENSE for a project so that it reads as GPL-v2.0-only or as GPL-v3.0-only, and not as GPL-vX.0-or-later?

When using the GPL-v2.0 or GPL-v3.0 templates for the LICENSE (GitLab’s license API), the final License appears in the repo’s front page as “GNU General Public License v2.0 or later” or as “GNU General Public License v3.0 or later”.


I’ve tried deleting the file adding it back, and clarifying in the commit it is to be licensed as GPL-v3.0-only.

Still, if there was a way to stop GitLab from displaying it as compatible with later versions, that would be great.

Does anyone know how to fix or workaround this issue?

Any helps is much appreciated!