Licence Git

Hello, I have been approved for the use of GitLab licenses because it is an Open source project but I do not have the option to download the license, you can help me indicating how I request it or the download location

Thanks for reaching out. @nuritzi, our Sr. Open Source Program Manager should be able to help if you can give us more details about the open source project you were granted the license for.

Thanks for the reply
The data are:
Customer Account: PRY_Graphql
Account Number: A00036983
They informed me that I could already see the license they granted me but they did not give me instructions

Hi @djquirog – I’ll take a look to see what’s going on!

@djquirog I’ve opened a support ticket since I wasn’t able to find the license file that should be attached to your account. I’ve responded to you via email – let’s continue there! Thanks again for reaching out and I hope we can get this resolved soon!