GitLab does not recognise LGPL 3.0

I’m trying to renew my Open Source license. My projects are licensed under LGPL 3.0, with a LICENSE.txt file copied verbatim from the GNU site. Still, the “License” information on the main page (which I should use to certify the open source status) just shows


with no other indication, and if you click on it you see

This project is licensed under Other.

I tried removing and re-adding a license file. You get the option for LGPL 2.1, but not 3.0.

I think it is crazy that GitLab does not recognise LGPL 3.0 ad a bona-fide Open Source license. Is there anything I can do? Downgrading to 2.1 for such a silly reason is not an option.

Thanks in advance for any tip.

Dear Cassie,
Thanks for the answer. Of course the license is clearly specified in the README. However, I’m trying to apply to the Open Source initiative of GitLab, and they specifically want a screenshot of the main page of the project showing an approved OS license in the “License” icon. Which it does not.
Besides, it’s just plain strange that they are spurning LGPL 3.0, which is the latest version.
I just think they should update it.

@frangio68 Cassie is a spammer, from the link she posted it doesn’t offer any assistance in your problem other than for her to attempt to generate a legitimate post with a link that just promotes the website that has nothing to do with Gitlab, or edited later adding it. I have therefore flagged their post accordingly as spam.

If you wish for LGPL 3.0 support in Gitlab, the best place would be to open an issue here: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Thanks for the double tip. I have just opened the issue.



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