How to set the notification level for all members of a group or project to "watch"

I am wondering if there is a possibility to set the notification level of group members to a new default, different from “participate”.


We are sometimes working with people of varying technical skills and only use the Issue tracking and Wiki functionality (and the newly added great boards) for these projects.
So when inviting a new member to a project their default notification level will be participate, hence they will only ever receive E-Mails if they actively join a discussion. Because most of these people are so used to reading e-mail they will only rarely login to see progress.

I can see how participate is a sane default for most use-cases, however being able to configure this on a per project or maybe per group setting would be very useful to me.

At the moment what I* do is as follows:

  1. I login as admin
  2. I goto the Admin’s User listing
  3. search for the given user, open their profile
  4. I impersonate that user
  5. navigate to the project and manually set the notification level to watch

In case making this setting configurable is too much of a corner-case, maybe there is a more efficient way to manually set the users notification level.


@micheee have you found a way for this? I have the same issue.

Unfortunately not, but I never bothered to check if in the meantime there is another way of doing it :slight_smile: