Problems with GitLab notifications

I’ve started using recently, and overall I like it a lot, but I’m having trouble with e-mail notifications.
In “User Settings” -> “Notifications” I set:

  • “Global Notification Level” : Watch (actually I only want full activity notifications for one project, but set it like this for the moment until I figure things out).
  • Receive notifications about your own activity: “Ticked”
  • And for the project that I’m interested in, I also set it to “Watch”.

The e-mail address seems no problem, since I receive e-mails about created issues, but I never receive any e-mails about new commits. Do I have to do something else? (Just in case it is relevant, the project is still a private one).

The notifications page says: “To specify the notification level per project of a group you belong to, you need to visit project page and change notification level there.”, but I’m not sure what to make of that, since I don’t find any setting in the project page about notifications (anyway, having the global setting as “Watch” I’m assuming I should get mails for commits to this project as well).

Any help?

Many thanks,

I don’t think you’re meant to get emails for commits pushed to the repo. I’ve been using Watch for a particular project in our instance and I never did get emails for commits.

Ah, but that’s strange, right? The tooltip for “Watch” says “You will receive notifications for any activity”, and the Activity page for the project obviously shows when a commit is pushed to GitLab…

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