How to trigger multiple cross project pipelines with their respective tags?

Hi Team,

I want to trigger multiple pipelines across different projects and each pipeline have different latest tags for which i want to create pipelines, can you please suggest me what is the best possible way for this?

have a look in Downstream pipelines | GitLab

Hi @balonik Thanks for sharing this link. It will be great if you can share any example for this which is matching to my use case?

Thanks in advance!

Man - he provided you the link to the documentation that has examples - that will always be relevnt - because it’s the official documentation. Go read it.

Also what do you even mean by “having different latest tags for creating pipelines”?

Like cmon… if you’ll be acting cocky with the “it would be great if you did some work for me” at least give useful information so others are even able to help you, instead of trying to decode what you want.

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