How to use AWS certificate Manager


I managed to setup easily a gitlab in an ec2 instance however I am having a problem using the AWS Ceritificate manager to use https on my gitlab instance. Below are the steps I did.

  1. Spin off new Gitlab on Ec2
  2. Using the Public IPv4, I created a record set on route 53 with type 'A - IPv4 address’
  3. I tested it and went to, and it worked
  4. I modified the gitlab.rb with, external_url ‘
  5. sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure && sudo gitlab-ctl restart
  6. I tested it and went to, and it worked again
  7. I then went on and requested a certificate in the ‘AWS certificate Manager’ for '
  8. After it got approved, I tried ‘’ and it did not work
  9. I modified, external_url ‘’, reconfigured and restarted, it did not work

Help… anyone?

wait I will check and explain?
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