How to use mirroring for a simple repository fork, both on gitlab - 301 error

Looking for clarity on how to keep my fork of a repo in sync

I’m new to Gitlab and contributing to a small open source project. I forked the repo, did a branch, did a merge request back to the original project and we’re good. All I want to do is set up mirroring to keep my fork up to date with the original without resorting to the command line.
I’ve attempted to follow the instructions on mirroring but they do not cover this simple use case.

  • I put the URL of main repo in
  • Both Push and Pull seem to be greyed out but I can actually select either of them.
    Whichever one I try it fails with a 301

When I read the docs and this forum I get incredibly confused and cannot see a clear answer to what should be the simplest use case. Can someone help please

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