How to user many gitlab accounts at same time

i wanna have 2 diferents accounts in my pc, because one its my personal and other its of my job, how can i get it

Register an account with your private email. Then register another account with your work email. Then you can use both of them on your computer.

ok if i try to do aa push or pull or merge? how to do it, too i try with ssh keys but it isnt work always same the same thing

But as login is cookie-based, you’ll need some way (different browsers, firefox’ containers, some plugin I haven’t heard of or …) of having different sets of cookie if you want to use your two accounts at the same time.

My guess would be that you’re using the same SSH key for both private and job things, but (as the error message suggests) you can’t upload the same SSH key to multiple accounts, so you’ll need to create a new key for one of the use cases (my suggestion would be to create two, one for each use case, and stop using the shared one).


i dont use this key for other account