Same ssh key for multiple accounts

Hi everyone,
I have two accounts, and I use them in two different companies and the same pc.

I’m trying to add my ssh key to the second account from, but it gives me this error.

Does anybody know how to add the same key on different accounts?

Thank you

As the error says - you cannot. Create another SSH key and use that for the second account.

Since cloning via SSH uses it’s a single user, where each SSH key is. Therefore this is the reason why you have to use a separate SSH key for each account, otherwise how can it differentiate to which account to authenticate with.

If it was and for SSH, then you would be able to use the same SSH key, since it’s also providing a username that it would map to. But this is not possible, since SSH cloning is done via and only this hence the requirement for SSH keys to be unique and not shared between accounts.