Huge amount of requests in logs after 16.5 update

Hi @AdyR9 ,

Looks like I’m facing the same problem, yesterday Gitlab 16.3.5 was updated to 16.5.1. The update went without errors, there were no background migrations during the updates. But
I can’t say by the size of these log files, in a couple of hours they were about 2 GB. But the total load on the CPU has increased to 80-85%. Within 2 hours the MergeRequestCleanupRefsWorker jobs are running. Stopping the jobs helps for about one minute, after which the jobs resume.

As a result, in 2 hours in the history of background jobs, more than 70 thousand jobs were processed. And this is 2.5 times more per day on our server.

Can you tell me if you have a MergeRequestCleanupRefsWorker jobs in the background jobs?

I found my problem in the next topic (GitLab CPU usage by sidekiq over 50%). I would like to know if you have something similar?

In earlier versions the CPU usage was around 15%

GitLab CE version 16.5.1
Centos 7
4 cpu cores, 16 gb ram

I had to make an urgent rollback to the previous version.