I have a 4.2.0 backup - best way to proceed?

Hi there.

We have a GitLab version 4.2.0 backup, and now we wish to install a new fresh instance of Gitlab and restore the backup.

Can we skip versions, and directly install a omnibus on our 14.04 LTS ubuntu server? Or do we have to take the looong upgrade path?

Thanks in advance!


That should be fun :smile:

Jokes aside, there was also @jdefaver who migrated from 5.3, not sure if he made it :stuck_out_tongue:

See Migrate from 5.3 to 7.8 for my detailed answer. Long story short, you’ll have to manually upgrade up to a point where omnibus packages where first introduced, then migrate to omnibus and form there upgrade according to the update guide.

And I cannot stress enough the importance of backups, mostly database, during the entire process.


now i realised i did not report the final result. I followed bascially what you suggested in your post and was able to upgrade within a few hours: thanks for that !

The only thing that i did differently is that I started by copying my 5.3 VM to avoid having to reinstall the old version. It should be noted that you ‘only’ have to update ~3 times if you choose your intermediate versions well.

We are running in troubles with missing / yanked / deprecated rubygems :angry:

Mainly rake and modernizr for now, and then we are stocked. sigh Does anyone known if its possible to either change version numbers in Gemfile.lock, or install local and when try to override errors?

This is the guide we following:

and this is how far we get:

sudo -u git -H bundle install --without development test postgres --deployment

and this is the errors:

“Could not find modernizr-2.6.2 in any of the sources”