Keep getting logged out of Gitlab on Mobile ‼️ Bug?

I use gitlab mostly on my desktop, but if I’m on the road and need to respond to an issue, I’ll click the view issue link in the Issue email I get - almost every day I’m logged out of my phone again and have to login.

Something can’t be right. I’m checking the box and remember me but it still really doesn’t work. I’m not using a private browser. I’m just using normal Safari on an iPhone 12. It’s kind of annoying because you have to use the Authenticator every single time.

Is there a way of stopping this? I’ve never logged out of my desktop, so I find this very weird. Maybe some security check is making me log out? IP address look up? I can’t be the only person with this issue.

Thanks in advance!

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I have the exact same on iPad and iPhone in Safari and Edge. Everytime I have to log in with 2FA not matter if I check “remember me” or not. Basically what seems to happen is when iOS stops the app to save battery power the cookie is gone. You can recreate the issue by force stopping the app after signing in, you are instantly signed out. In my understanding this should not remove the “remember me” cookie, but it does…

This is extremely annoying

Just for fun…do the same here in the forum. Force stop the browser, open it again, refresh the page. You are still signed in. On you are signed out.

@crysxd sounds like a problem with your configuration or network. I just logged in using safari on my iphone, clicked the remember me option, and force stopping safari, and yet I was still logged in when I opened it. is the only page doing this. Even stays signed in. Also note that you have to reload the tab once. If you just force stop and reopen the page is restored and “signed in”, but if you hit reload it’s signed out.

Sorry, cannot replicate your problem. If it was a bug, then I would be experiencing it too, which I’m not. So seems to be a problem with your browser config or network.

Alternatively, it’s a cloudflare issue based on your IP address meaning you are experiencing extra filtering because of being deemed an untrusted IP. You could try firing up a VPN and see if the problem still exists or not. That would at least confirm whether it’s your network/IP or your browser causing problems.

@iwalker not sure - but I know that multiple people have said they have the same issue. I did think about Cloudflare - it does seem to happen when I am out and about on my phone probably not connected to a wifi. Either way, the logout function seems aggressive on mobile. I NEVER got logged out on my PC at home. Simple cookie to remember for 14 days and renew it every next day you log in would fix the issue for most of us…

I think i might know the issue - logging in from different locations. I was on vacation and my phone needed to login when I got there. Just got home and my desktop just asked me to login, which I have not been logged out of in months and months. Cloudflare is probably seeing that I was not using Gitlab for a week and flagged it suspicious, if that is how you guys control logins…

I’m not sure if that’s the cause, but might be. I use a VPN to a different country where our data center is, so I’d be jumping back and forth a lot as some of my systems are in the VPN and some are not. I never get logged out of my desktop GitLab sessions, only mobile

Same here with chrome for iOS. It’s probably an issue with the IP changing or something but gitlab doesn’t seem to respect the remember me option.