I pushed as I always do but this time Activity is not updating

After pushing Project > Details shows last updated 31 minutes ago.
Project > Activity shows last push event was 8 hours ago.
I have this repository hooked up with Netlify and it isn’t seeing the push either. I have never had this happen before. I’ve been using the repository for about a year without an issue. Is Gitlab experiencing an outage or is there something I should do to fix it? I tried making another arbitrary change and commit/pushing again but still not showing in activity or triggering Netlify redeploy.

I honestly don’t even know how to explain why this would do anything. But I took a shot in the dark with Netlify that has an option to ‘Clear Cache and deploy site’. When I clicked that on Netlify’s interface the Activity feed from Gitlab’s interface actually updated after not updating from 4 commits/pushes and over an hour of waiting. Why would a command issued from Netlify fix an issue with Gitlab?