I was banned for cloning, who do I ask to get my account back?

My account was deleted yesterday.

A couple of days ago, after news broke in Australia’s and UK’s national media of a leaked list of members of the Chinese Communist Party, I found the original list was on GitLab. This list had been available for over 3 months on GitLab.

Last night the original repository was deleted as well as my clone. I had added a folder with some English translations of names. My account has been deleted too.

I wasn’t asked to remove the clone. I wasn’t even told to remove the clone or given any warnings. Is there someone to talk to and I would appreciate knowing what were the specific grounds for this deletion?

remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://gitlab.com/brianoflondon/shanghai-ccp-member-db.git/'

I was blocked also and also cloned that repo.

I did not receive any notice from Gitlab and now can not access my repo’s.

Opened a ticket but have not received a response yet.

You might wish to contact support @ gitlab.com to discuss this. When I’ve seen posts on here related to login access before, this was what people had suggested. That would most likely be the best way for a quicker response, since the forums are for free support although Gitlab personnel do come here, support will be faster via that email above.

Hi @Brianoflondon and @Kenny. The wider GitLab Community is unable to assist with account access questions and issues.

Please submit a support ticket here:

This will allow the GitLab Support team to investigate and assist you with this.

Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks. For some reason I struggled to find the Support Ticket system on my first look.