I would like to upgrade GitLab 7.9.1 6f6c5f1 version to latest

I would like to upgrade GitLab 7.9.1 6f6c5f1 community version to latest. This gitlab server is running as VM in ESXi server. What are all the intermediate upgrade to be done. Please guide a best possible way of upgrading this server.

Well that’s going to be difficult, since the suggested upgrade paths here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab don’t actually go that far back. You seriously haven’t upgraded your Gitlab instance since March 2015 when that version was released?

You can try searching and reading the Gitlab archive documents, maybe you will find in them a way of upgrading your instance. Alternatively, just export and import your repositories to a new installation instead. Will probably save you days or weeks of upgrades.


Thanks for your suggestion. Recently I was assigned to this task, and so no information.

I can see the option ( in Admin area ) to download each project as a zip or tar.gz file, and there is no export / import option. Is the version does not have the option ?.

Downloading the whole project as zip file and can be imported in the latest ? ( after unzip )

In newer Gitlab versions you can select the project then go to settings → general → advanced and under here is an export option. But I don’t know if that was possible in older versions or not. So worth checking.

The option to import an export is under the “+” to create a new project. It’s easy to import a project under a name that is different from what it had on the old server (and as far as I remember it’s not easy to see from the name of the file containing the export what the project was called), and mostly it works, but it comes with the usual caveats concerning moving projects (especially to a different namespace).