If I'm a GitLab Free User will I be able to use Kubernetes Clusters for CI/CD

If I’m a GitLab Free User will I be able to use Kubernetes Clusters for CI/CD?

So far I see that Certificate based management is being deprecated, while the Agent integration appears to be working only for Premium and up.

This is important for the future of our DevOps teams to know in any company.


According to the docs: CI/CD Tunnel | GitLab some gitlab CI/CD is available.

KAS apparently now works in free, I think it was fixed in an earlier Gitlab 14.6.x release, so providing you will use the latest version, you shouldn’t have issues using the KAS agent integration.

As you will see from the Kubernetes Cluster section, that some functionality is freely available, and some is only available in subscriptions be it Premium, Ultimate, etc. It all depends on what functionality you need, but the docs should clear that up based on your requirements.

Thanks for replying!

I did manage to get the agent running and get it to install apps via the “Cluster Management Template”

However, key features are not available at all like Cluster management interface where you can configure:

  • “Base Domain”
  • “Scope”
  • “Clear cluster cache” etc.

Is there a plan to implement this?

Also I don’t seem to find a clear documentation about having Kubernetes Cluster environment scopes with the KAS + AgentK like we did for the Certificate based integration:

What will replace those?