Questions when migrating from Certificate to Agent

So we’re currently using AutoDevops and we have 2x clusters defined in the Group (top level):

  • CI (GKE Staging account) - Env Scope: *
  • Production (GKE Production account) - Env Scope: *production*

I don’t see any mention of environments scopes… how are we meant to re-create the above setup using agents? There appears to be no mention of it at all.

In the help documentation, it recommended that we create a separate “cluster-management” so we placed it at: /our-group/devops/cluster-management and defined an Agent and installed it inside the CI Cluster.

When I go to one of my projects kubernetes tab: /our-group/platform it says that there’s no agent installed… do I need to install an agent for every single project? I don’t see any mention in the docs about group clusters either.

So I googled around a bit and saw something about authorising access to my projects, so I added this:

    - id: our-group/platform

But realised that it still said I had no agents.

Also on that note… I really wish YAML would just be dropped for JSON with JSON Schema so I could just browse the possible configuration options without having to crawl through a bible of documentation. I had originally placed ci_access: under gitops: and got no validation or errors whatsoever… just that nothing happened. If it was JSON Schema I could have at least seen where it goes and had it validated inline.

I’ve looked at migrating to Agents a few times and everytime I just have no idea what I’m doing at all.