Images aren't showing in emails

If a comment had an image in it, the e-mail would have this image not embedded, but as a link of following form instead: http://gitlab/mygroup/myproject/uploads/b3a6a0ab4651d92d369fc387a81a8e42/image.png
And to access this link I need to be logged in (both group and project are “Internal”).

I’ve googled a merged merge request from 2 years ago which should’ve fixed this issue.

Do I need to configure it somehow? (I’m pretty new to GitLab and have almost no idea of what I’m doing…)

I’m using a GitLab omnibus package, help-page states “GitLab Community Edition 8.15.2 790035f”, E-Mail client is Outlook.

I wonder if Outlook doesn’t trust the domain where the image is originating. Maybe configuring the gitlab external url with a fully qualified domain name would help.

Outlook refused to download the image because the domain this e-mail come from wasn’t in the trusted list.

But I still wonder if it’s possible to embed the images directly in the e-mail body.

Reported this as issue here: