Impossible to use my personql email address


I don’t remember when I have created my account but I think I used my business email address, and I must have associated my personal email to my account.

I left my previous company, and it seems like I can’t use my personal email to connect to my account.

I tried the “Reset my password” procedure but I don’t receive the confirmation email.
Then I tried to create a new account using my personal email, but it tells me that the email is already used.

Is it possible to either “free” my personal email so I can use it with a new account, either receive the password recovery emails there?

I don’t have important works associated with the account, so I’m ok with losing it, but I would really like to use my personal email address instead of a new professional email.

Thank you for your help.

You should open a ticket with Gitlab here about your issue. They might require some personal information from you in order to confirm that you’re indeed the owner of that email which shouldn’t be done here.

Thank you very much for your help. I didn’t notice the button at the bottom of “” otherwise I would have created a ticket there.
I initially thought this forum was the only way to have any help for free accounts.