Integrate GitLab server with Bitbucket via oAuth is not working

Hi Everyone

We need to import some projects from BitBucket to Gitlab 15.0.2-ee and as per the document Integrate your GitLab server with Bitbucket Cloud | GitLab We created the Consumer but I cannot find out what value should I enter for CAllback URL. So back in instructions,

Callback URL: (Required in GitLab versions 8.15 and greater) The URL to your GitLab installation, such as

we tried with “our” or just but once we are trying to login via BitBucket button we get

Could not authenticate you from Bitbucket because “Unauthorized client: invalid oauth client credentials {“error description”: “invalid oauth client credentials”, “error”: “unauthorized client”}”.

If we try to skip the callback url, is not work at all. Can someone please help us on that?