Introduction: @aliartiza75

:man_technologist:: Irtiza Ali (He/Him), forum handle @aliartiza75, and GitLab @aliartiza75.

:earth_asia: I am from Pakistan :pakistan: .

:man_factory_worker: I work as a DevOps and Integration Engineer at onebyte.

:computer: I use GitLab at work as well as for my personal projects.

:partying_face: I spend my time reading. travelling, contributing to opensource and writing articles

:books: Mostly use twitter and online blogs.

:question: Can we have montly online meetups for networking? Where we can share what we have learned in the past month? What do you guys think? :smiley:

:wave: You can connect with me on Linkedin, Instagram


@aliartiza75 Thanks for thinking about our meetups. The format for our virtual meetups (you can join the GitLab Virtual meetup group here) is typically a presentation followed by networking in breakout groups. It’s interesting to consider a meetup just for the networking element. I created an issue to discuss further. Feel free to add any other thoughts you might have to the issue.

I’m also working to schedule a monthly meeting for our GitLab Heroes to get to know each other better. I plan to include an invite to the first of those meetings in my next communication with the group. Hope you can join!


Thank you


@aliartiza75 nice to meet you! I love your suggestion because I think that networking / social events are a vital part of communities.

The meetup program that John mentioned is definitely a great start, and I have to admit a bit shamefully, that I have yet to attend one. :sweat_smile: I will though!

I hope to meet you (and others!) at an upcoming event :partying_face: