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A new GitLab meetup series is launched! :tada: We are excited to learn what excites you about the latest GitLab 15 release and invite you to join and/or host a virtual meetup in June/July.

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If you are interested in becoming a new organizer in your local area, would like to host virtually, or have a talk you would like to share, we look forward to your contribution. Thank you :seedling:

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I think if Gitlab were interested and excited about connecting with the wider community for the success of Gitlab then this should have been done before restricting free users to max 5 per project as well as the huge price hikes and dropping the starter package which was about $4 per user and not having an in-between, since $19 per user is just way too expensive when the competition offer pro for $4 - something which Gitlab did have at one point to compete with.

Had you involved the community for these options rather than relying on some weird data and research from people who probably weren’t a part of the community, and are probably biased in some weird way. Some of which I addressed here: GitLab introduces user limits for Free users on SaaS - #66 by iwalker


I think GitLab 15.0 did not ship so many interesting features. GitLab 15 ships lots of removal than new features as you can see the release blog. Why did you subtitle “features on features”??? :thinking:

I agree with @iwalker: This is way too late.

The company has never truly cared about the community (e.g. more employees would come by this forum more often if they did).

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I understand. I guess that we can have this kind of campaign (mainly) for paid users (in enterprises) and personal hobby users. That is not so bad.

Thank you for sharing your concerns, @iwalker @grove and @tnir. I recognize that you have been active contributors to the GitLab community and the forum. I’m always thankful when I see you offer solutions and help to our community members. Our GitLab community and active contributors like you are an incredible asset.

We have seen your comments and feedback on GitLab introduces user limits for Free users on SaaS - #66 by iwalker. I can empathize with how the new limits have made things difficult for many in the community and that you haven’t felt heard in the process. I will make sure to relay this to the initiative team. If you’d like to chat with me at 1:1 to share your concerns, I would be happy to coordinate that via DMs :slight_smile:

We still have community members excited about organizing local meetups - whether to discuss GitLab 15 or share what they’re working on with other enthusiasts. I hope that we can continue to create a space where they feel welcome to share their excitement and ideas :purple_heart:.

Thank you, @tnir for your comment. The meetup content will include release 15.1 as well which is June 22nd.

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@grove Thanks for the feedback. As a member of the GitLab Community Relations team, I can assure you that Gitlab cares deeply about our community.

GitLab started as an open source project and has received contributions from thousands of contributors. Community is part of our company strategy. Our mission is to make it so everyone can contribute. We have a Community Relations team that engages with the community in various forums and manages a number of programs to support our community (including our meetups program which has been around for many years).

As an active and valued member of our community, I’d love to hear any specific suggestions you have for how we can improve how we engage with our community here and elsewhere.


“Action speaks louder than words”, and your strategy is exactly that: words.

The lack of employee participation here (especially a few years ago, it has gotten better, but it still isn’t good) is action.

And in general I don’t care about your words, see for instance:

for a comment documenting that you can’t uphold the docs-first methodology you claim to use. (The linked issue is closed, but only because it has been promoted to an epic, not because it was solved)

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Then which feature(s) of 15.1 did you @ItsMissMie mean to highlight and to include specifically?

Hi @tnir, did you get a chance to check out the epic about the new meetup content focus? The meetup series is to encourage, assist and ease community members with organizing a meetup. Speakers can highlight a feature or even a change that occurred with the latest release. Folks can select the feature(s) they feel comfortable with. In the epic, I have listed different ideas on how to conduct a meetup, including a roundtable discussion or panel to encourage conversation about the new release.

This meetup series is the third iteration and aligns with the current releases at GitLab. It is unfortunate that some folks were mistaken the meetup ‘campaign’ as a ploy to connect to the community. When it is fact it is genuine.

I am always looking to connect to the community and am receptive to all feedback and conversations. I am here as an ally. @grove Are you open to a coffee chat?

From the first post:

Doesn’t that make it quite likely to think the “the meetup ‘campaign’” is “a ploy to connect to the community”, which you now say it isn’t?

I can make time for a chat.