Introduction - Dixia Fan

:mortar_board: This is Dixia Fan, a recent PhD grad from MIT and just about to start my own lab as an AP at Queen’s University, Canada (Jan, 2021). Forum: @FluidPotato. Still in the process setting up gitlab for my group (will update this later). I work on research related to fluid-strcuture interaction, physics informed reinforcement learning for flow control and underwater robotics.

:mortar_board: Kingston, Ontario, Canada + Cambridge, MA, USA

:mortar_board: Queen’s University, Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering

:mortar_board: I came across gitlab when I collaborate with the Center of bit and atoms from MIT (, and I loved it. I would like to use it to build an open and efficient community for my future students and collaborators.

:mortar_board: Further information about my research can be found in And I can be accessed via mail

:mortar_board: Still a newbie, and actively explore how to setup gitlab for a group.


@FluidPotato Welcome to the forum! We are so happy to have you here. We can’t wait to see all the exciting things you do at Queen’s! Please reach out to us here if you have any questions.

Welcome, @FluidPotato Excited to see you and your group get started with GitLab!