Is it allowed to store video files?

Is it allowed to store video files in a repo?

I will be using cloudflare pages to use that videos as a raw files and will make a streaming platform on my static website?

Why don’t I just use YouTube ?
Actually I have a channel on youtube, I just want to provide my users a solution to watch my videos without ads and trackers that’s the only reason, and please don’t suggest youtube-nocookie coz it also adds trackers.

One more question that it says 10GB so I can make another repo to get more storage right?


If your repo’s are seen as exceeding bandwidth limits, they will be blocked by Gitlab. Gitlab is a place for collaboration which means code-related stuff. It is not a content delivery network (CDN), or a place for sharing large files, videos etc. It is most definitely not a place for streaming content.

I suggest if you don’t want ads, etc, create yourself a VPS server, and host the videos yourself.

Yes sir I have a vps but speed is my main motive.

No sir it won’t exceed bandwidth as mentioned in first post I will use Cloudflare Pages.

So can you please tell me am I allowed to do or not?

Storing on gitlab will not solve the speed problem. In fact if you do this and exceed bandwidth your repos will be blocked and the files will not be accessible. Just because you use Cloudflare pages doesn’t solve this.

You need a CDN to do this which will cost you money to store and stream video files. If you attempt to do it with Gitlab you are in breach of the acceptable usage policy. Gitlab is not a CDN.

You should store the videos on your VPS and use Cloudflare in front of it to cache the content. That is how you solve the speed problem.

@iwalker as all others do store images for their blog in repo, so what I am doing is storing images in different repo but blog in different repo so am I safe?

One thing to note that I want to keep code separate from images that’s why I am doing like this…

@UncleNo.1 It depends what you are doing. If you are storing images and people cannot download it from your repo (eg: it is private and only you can see it), then that would be considered fine. If you are intending to put and share files on Gitlab in the same way how a CDN would work, then this is not fine. That overloads Gitlab, or Github with unnecessary traffic, increasing Gitlab’s bandwidth usage for something that it wasn’t designed for.

Remember, Gitlab or Github or whatever like that, are not places for sharing large files like images, videos, audio. It is not a content delivery network (CDN). Therefore, if you are intending to point/code your website to link to images/audio/video stored on Gitlab because you do not want to overload your VPS server or your VPS bandwidth, then that is not allowed. As I mentioned, Gitlab monitor bandwidth, so if you do such a thing, and Gitlab sees a huge amount of traffic, your repository will be blocked, deleted or it will be restricted that you lose access to it.

I code my websites, which include images or whatever, and they are stored in a Gitlab private repo, because I use that private repo to download the coded website onto my VPS server with git. That is normal usage of a Gitlab repository.

Sir everyone stores blog image on github/gilab only and if I will store my blog images somewhere else then I can’t be fully open-source I want to keep my blog fully open-source…

I see you do not read what I say or simply you do not understand. Storing is one thing. That is fine. I already said you can do that, I store my website on Gitlab. But I don’t do what you wanted to do. What is not fine is what you wanted to do, which is store your media on Gitlab, and link your website to it because of performance, and you don’t want to put it on YouTube because of adverts. Obviously you do not understand what a CDN is, and Gitlab is not a place to treat it like a CDN.

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