Hosting small businesses and entrepreneurs sites with gitlab pages

Hi GitLab community!

I want to start selling static websites (just the code) to small businesses (e.g, small pizza restaurants, artisans) and/or entrepreneurs (e.g, artists who want to sell their drawings, musicians, portfolios).

So, for easily hosting these websites I want to use gitlab pages and there are a few things I want to know:

If the website and its pages are small (less than 1 Gb), gitlab pages bradwidth is going to be enough? (eg, 100 visits a month, 1000 visits a month)? It would be stable enough?

The site could contain information like prices and amount of items?

The site could contain contact information? Like an email?

The site could contain a contact form with formspree?

Gitlab would own the rights to the photos or content hosted by them?

The site could contain links to other (not problematic and safe) sites? Like a link to a youtube video or to a whatsapp direct message contact.

Thanks and have a great rest of your day.

Yes, Gitlab Pages is behind Cloudflare, so you shouldn’t have any problem with traffic.


Thanks. As shown in this topic: What are the restrictions for GitLab Pages sites? , they say: “We don’t have a set maximum bandwidth for pages sites. If this should become an issue for any reason, you’ll be notified.”

Does this mean the bandwidth is so big that I don’t have to worry about if the pages are gonna be humble portfolios for people or menus for small restaurants?

Yap, while I don’t have it on Gitlab Pages anymore, I had some websites with 20/30k visits a day without any problem

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This is a great answer and exactly a part of the answers I am looking for. Thank you very much!

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This was discussed in an issue too with an official answer: Docs feedback: Gitlab pages Terms and conditions (#25504) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab