Is it ok to create gitlab page onbehalf of my client and get subscription charges

I am trying to host my clients website using gitlab pages and would like to charge some fee monthly .
Is it acceptable ? in github selling pages on behalf is prohibited.
Even in free plan/core plan if it’s not allowed , will it be allowed in paid plans.

thank you.

I’m actually shocked by this question. You want to charge your clients a monthly fee, for using a free service to host their sites? If I was your client and found out about that I wouldn’t be very happy. I call that unethical at best.

If you want to do something like that, you should host their sites on a VPS and pay for the VPS yourself, and charge your clients accordingly. But obviously you don’t want to do that for some reason, but prefer to use something freely available and unethically charge your clients for something that doesn’t cost you anything.

I will tag @gitlab-greg and @dnsmichi who might be able to comment from Gitlab’s point of view if whether that is possible or not in their terms of service.


Thank you , I will use CiCd to deploy any changes in the website, that still cost me some build minutes. Gitlab pages have mentioned to use for the buzz purpose also ,
github prohibition license

@yashwanth2804 there is an issue on this already, you may wish to comment on the issue and ask if it’s possible, since the current Gitlab Pages documentation/terms of use isn’t clear at this moment as to what is and what isn’t possible.

in particular one comment as someone asked a similar question to you:

As per the terms of our license agreement, any use of the GitLab Software may only be used (i) for its internal use in connection with the development of Customer’s and/or its Affiliates’ own software. This includes GitLab pages. As such, based on my understanding of what you wish to do, I do not believe it falls within these parameters.

The way I understand that is no, it’s not possible. Gitlab as well as Gitlab pages is to be used for internal use with the development of your own or customer software. But it would be better for you to comment on that issue that I linked to get a definitive response, or I hope someone from the Gitlab team will reply to this post to answer the question or potentially updating the Gitlab Pages information to explain more clearly what is and what isn’t possible.