Is it possible to cluster or make high available with git lab community edition

Appreciate if someone give an insight on this, couldn’t find any accurate source to get the details.

I think is a quite good read on this. You would have to arrange quite a bit yourself though.

What also is clearly stated is to ask yourself why you need HA and if you really need it for your code before you make a complex environment that requires quite a bit more time in maintenance (not saying that you shouldn’t do it, just to raise the question :slight_smile: ).

Hi Bartj,

Really appreciate your thought on this, actually my concern is availability and minimize down time for git lab.
Scenario is :
At this movement we are having one git lab server with “CE” and if this server crash then there will be down time. So i want to minimize this down time. I think clustering/HA method will give the answer for this. I have refer this but didn’t find what i’m looking for. Is “Community Edition is supporting for HA”

I think the documents explains quite well how to split up the several components and how to implement HA/scalability for those components, which implicitly says that HA is possible and how to approach that.

However, the CE doesn’t come with any support or any relatively easy config option as in the premium.