Preventing Public Visibility

HI Gents


  • Gitlab 9.0.4 CE
  • For internal Security reasons, I’m asked to prevent users from creating any new project with a Public visibility. Of course, I’ve read the documentation.

Since I use CfEngine to deploy the same configuration on two Gitlab CE instances, to keep them consistent (and so as to make the deployment of a third one very simple), I’d like to be able to restrict this Public visibility, I’d like to know whether it’s possible to have it done with gitlab.rb. I’ve done some tests, adding one line in gitlab.rb ( gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_restricted_visibility_levels’] = [‘public’] ), and running ‘sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure’, and restarting, without any success.

Would you know whether it is possible, or is the only means to do it remains the page Admin --> Settings ?

Thanks for your help