Is there any way to undelete the project that failed the actual deletion due to error?

I’m using omnibus Gitlab CE 12.10.14 (yeah, I know, trust me). Recently I’ve found that some of the projects are showing the caption “This project was scheduled for deletion, but failed with the following message: […]”. This is actually good, because this clearly shoud’ve not happen.

So, now - although I know how to fix the error - I want the opposite: is there any way to unschedule the deletion ? I’ve took a look at the projects table in the pgsql database, and don’t see any “deleted” field aor something - clearly this in not that obvious. Also I see that marked_for_deletion_by_user_id field is empty for this project - does Gitlab CE fill this when a deletion happens ? I know that EE has an audit option, but CE clearly does not, so it would be awesome to actually find any traces leading to a person that did this.