Issue #15932 watchers are being massively spammed since today afternoon

I have been gettig ~1000’s of spam emails by a user who is apparently commenting on Visual UML diagram editor (#15932) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab since today afternoon.

Initially the user showed up as “fixgitlab spam” , which has since changed to " Ghost User". I believe this was a result of him/her being banned.

User @ave seems to have already reported this user as per the last comment on the issue.

The spam continues even after the user has been blocked, and I suspect in this particular case , the initial username seems to suggest that the user is trying to make a point : Blocked users can still somehow spam issues.

Ps: Gitlab issues under spam attack? - #2 by dnsmichi , @JAZ013 seems to have the same issue, reported in the other thread.

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The continued mail delivery appears to have been due to queued notifications from the same spam attack, backlogging the requests that continued even after the users were banned.

Some more details on the incident can be found here: GitLab System Status

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