Gitlab issues under spam attack?

Issue id just went up from ~30000 to >100000.
Also if you sort by created date you can see a lot of spam issues.

We are going to waste time typing another number key when refering to new issues, cheers :man_facepalming:


thanks for noticing and reporting. I’ve seen such waves in the past week too - one thing I always do first: Report the first issue as spam, so that someone gets a notification.

I’ve also shared some ideas here, and I do understand that spam prevention is a hard thing and comes at a cost. Please keep reporting these problems :slight_smile:


Apologies for the issue, all. Our abuse team has been aware of the spam taking place in that particular issue tracker and are working on a long term solution to prevent it.

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I have the same problem here. Someone is impersonating me or other people and is creating hordes of dumb merge requests. I would like to see a way to delete these merge requests in bulk at least. Currently, I have to click each and delete it, one by one.

EDIT: It looks like the same guy is attacking Discord because I see a significant correlation between what I write in Discord and the dumb issues/merge requests he creates. Maybe you could collaborate with Discord team on this.

Hi @Tristan and @dnsmichi ,

today gitlab repo issue tracker it’s attacked. See issue Report number of lines per language in repository charts (#17800) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab. I think that maybe this attack is tacking place at issues with more participants/users subscribed to force people to mark as spam mails incoming from gitlab so continued attack can produce that new emails come directly into spam folder. I’ve already unsubscribed from notifications about this issue but I still get lot of emails per minutes, suppose that there are a big email queue pending to send.

Now I’m getting mails for issues generated by “Ghost User”.

Hope that this info can help. If can I do anything else I will be happy to do so.

Best regards,

So yeah, this happened. Received over 3000 emails today so far. Do you guys think your mail server is going to stop spamming me anytime soon? So why does this happen?