Gitlab issues under spam attack?

Issue id just went up from ~30000 to >100000.
Also if you sort by created date you can see a lot of spam issues.

We are going to waste time typing another number key when refering to new issues, cheers :man_facepalming:


thanks for noticing and reporting. I’ve seen such waves in the past week too - one thing I always do first: Report the first issue as spam, so that someone gets a notification.

I’ve also shared some ideas here, and I do understand that spam prevention is a hard thing and comes at a cost. Please keep reporting these problems :slight_smile:


Apologies for the issue, all. Our abuse team has been aware of the spam taking place in that particular issue tracker and are working on a long term solution to prevent it.

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I have the same problem here. Someone is impersonating me or other people and is creating hordes of dumb merge requests. I would like to see a way to delete these merge requests in bulk at least. Currently, I have to click each and delete it, one by one.

EDIT: It looks like the same guy is attacking Discord because I see a significant correlation between what I write in Discord and the dumb issues/merge requests he creates. Maybe you could collaborate with Discord team on this.