Issue w/ Email Notifications? (13.9)

I am still trying to diagnose this issue. I have a self-maintained Gitlab instance at 13.9 right now. (We’re looking up upgrade soon but I need to figure out if that has anything to do with this issue.)

System emails from the admin control have no issues sending. The Notify test for the email configuration works for whatever users I test-email people from the Rails console.

As the admin for the Gitlab instance, I have gotten every notification email I was configured to receive.

But no other users are getting theirs.

I have the EAC turned on and active. Is it possible this preventing notification emails from going out? It’s literally the only thing I can think of right now that I haven’t looked into yet. If this is listed somewhere in milestones, version notes, or the like, I haven’t seen it, and it’s not listed as a thing that the EAC affects on its documentation page, from what I can see. But since admin accounts aren’t affected by the EAC being on, it’s the thing that comes to mind.

Any thoughts on this?