Issues with associated custom field

i am Mattia and i am new on this forum.
I am evaluating Gitlab as issue tracker and agile project manager in order to migrate from Redmine (our current issue tracker).

In Gitlab I was unable to find configuration of custom fields.
Actually in Redmine we use them to track ticket number, this information comes from a support/ticketing solution used by our customer care.
In case of bug customer care is able to track the issue’s state and in the other hand it is able to filter issues by this field.

Another question is related to custom field with values from an enumeration, for example I would to associate an issue to a customer (taken from a finite number of elements)
The only way I have found is to create a number of labels equal to my customers with the outcome of hundreds of labels (i.e Customer::Organization 1, Cutomer:Organization 2) with difficulty on their management.
There is another way to simplify this operation?

I tried do my best with issue template but, insert this informations in issue description is not good to filter for our customer care.

Can you explain me how do it?


Hi, @mdonatello.

Your research seems correct.

  1. GitLab support for custom “fields” is done via issue templates.
  2. Tracking state of issues can be achieved with scoped labels
  3. Instead of using scoped labels to assign issues to a customer (e.g. ~Customer::Organisation Name), you could create one project per customer and use a Group issue board to view them all. This has the additional advantage that you can separate other assets for your customers (e.g. a wiki per customer).

There are different ways to achieve your goals. In GitLab itself, we make extensive use of automation through bots and our REST and GraphQL APIs.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply.

  1. ok, is there a way to set a mandatory field inside an issue template?
  2. If I want to write the ticket number, for example “TT717513”, inside an issue template, how can I track it?
  3. thanks, it’s a good idea.