Jira Integration - Gitlab not closing task in Jira

I’ve configures Jira integration with GitLab following this instructions: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/integrations/jira.html

If I use a Step from jira default like “Open”, “In Progress” or “Reopened” and use in gitlab transaction ID 2 (“Closed”) it works with no Issues. For instance I put the comment PROJECT-TASKID ex: “Closes PROJ-11” it works.

But if I use a Step that was created by me for instance “Merge” and have the “Closed” transition associated with this step the ID is the same 2 because I reused the transition, the task will not close when I puth the comment “Closes PROJ-11”.

I’ve tested using postman and the issue with Step “Merge” was closed successefully when using transiction “Closed” ID 2.

made post to my jira with my issue ID:


with json data:

“comment”: [
{ “body”: “Comment added when resolving issue” }


{ “id”: “2” }


so everything is working in jira side.

I’ve updated both software to last version.

Bruno Morais